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Healthy Workplace With Healpha Connect Corporate

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Healpha Corporate is a revolutionary system that helps organizations with 360 degree view of the employee’s health, which in return helps in creating a healthy workforce. It covers all aspects of health i.e. Medical, Physical, Mental & Nutrition, etc. The usage of technologies like loT, PoC, Al, ML, enables it to have Faster, Cheaper & Better results.

Typical Corporate Health Issues

Acute Health Issues in Figure


NCDs (Non-communicable diseases)


Working women suffer with lifestyle & chronic ailments


Working adults suffer from hypertension


Working Professional are diabetic and growing


Out of every 1,000 working professionals suffer from a stroke

Employer’s Benefits

Employee Health Journey With Healpha

Pre-employment Check-ups

Annual Check-ups

Digital Clinic @ Work


Lab Reports


Health Insurance & Policy Information

Continued Care (Tele Consultation)

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